How to upload and publish images to Google so they appear in online searches.

Upload the image to Google and it will appear in searches. may be difficult for many users. Sometimes additional steps are not performed to achieve clarity.

However, there are recommendations and optimization actions that guarantee positive results. These are the steps that help place images at the top of searches. Find out how below.

  1. Upload the image to Google
  2. Recommendations and suggestions

Upload the image to Google

Publishing an image to Google is a process that adapts to the configuration of the website. Can't do it directly and must be managed from a page created in WordPress, Blogger or Google Sites.

If you use Google Sites to publish your content, the procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. You must add text to the appropriate part. It usually includes a title and a few descriptive paragraphs. The same thing happens if you have a blog or work on any website.
  2. Inside the interface, go to the section on the right sidebar and Click on the insert button. Several options are displayed, you need to select Images.
    Upload the image to Google, step 2.
  3. Now two options open, one of them is carry which provides access to computer memory, and the other choose one of those stored in Google Drive.
    Upload the image to Google, step 3.
  4. Typically, when you download images, they are most likely stored in a folder on your computer. Select the one you need and it will automatically load into the content section you need.
  5. Now, apply the necessary changes. For example, crop, insert a link or delete. Also, when you click on the three dots, a menu is displayed in which you need to select place a subheading and an alternative heading.
    Upload the image to Google, step 5.

When you post content, the image will be entered into Google and will appear when you perform a search related to the subtitle or alt title. When working in WordPress, you can select it as a featured image or one of the images found in the article.

Recommendations and suggestions

You can use images on the website. as decoration, to improve content and make it visible in similar searches. However, for it to appear in the first results, the following must be taken into account:

  1. Add descriptive text. In the photo settings, set the appropriate key phrase. This subtitle allows Google to understand what is in the image and will return it among the results when searched.
  2. Upload high-quality photos. While they can sometimes be heavy-handed, accurate, clear, and engaging content generates more traffic to a site, so it ranks faster in the top results.
  3. Wait a while. It takes time for the website to index the site for it to appear in Google. Therefore, do not despair; in a few days he will be among the first to appear.

Finally, upload image to Google This is a simple procedure that can be done on any website you have access to, be it WordPress, Google Sites or Bloggers. It must have some optimization aspects to achieve the expected results.

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